"Russell is amazing artist, drummer, and a fantastic instructor! He's been working with my for just 4 months and I am seeing big improvements. I particularly like the fact that he is prepared to listen - both to the way one plays but also to what the pupil asks for in order to create a made to measure series of lessons rather than sticking to a set programme. Russell's skill and creative instruction has brought new life to my playing. Russell is extremely well-educated technically, fun, reliable, and makes each lesson exciting and fresh. I highly recommend him."

"Michelle is a brilliant and inspirational teacher who has equipped me with both technical and creative drumming skills. Michelle's lessons are methodical, rewarding and good fun!"
- James  

"In terms of music teachers Russell Keeble is one of the best! He is infinitely patient with students and passionate about drumming. Even when you feel despondent or deflated about your progress he will make you feel like its okay to be at the place where you are at and that you will get better.
He is professional and has a strong sense of methodology and technique which you cannot help but benefit from. He is also warm and likeable - important traits in a teacher."

"I first started taking lessons with Russell in September 2012. From my first lesson, I was instantly glad I found Russell’s page when searching for a drum teacher. Under his guidance, I have gone from a drummer who had only sat behind a kit once, to playing gigs with the covers band I am in(something I never thought I would have the confidence to do).
Russell has always been on hand to give me advice, whether it be from a certain technique or a song that I am trying to learn, to helping me find an Electronic kit to keep practising at home. Since his studio was finished, getting to play on a real kit has really helped in my learning. It even helped me to choose my own full acoustic kit! For anyone wishing to learn to play the drums, I can’t recommend Russell highly enough."

​"My daughter has been learning drums now for a year at Community Music and loves every lesson with Michelle. From being a beginner to now preparing for her Rock School grade one this year, Marie’s ability to play drums has come in leaps and bounds and has become a lot more confidence not only in her playing but also in herself.  Michelle’s experience as a teacher and a musician has been inspirational she is a great mentor."

“Just a quick comment on the drum lessons you gave to Brandon (my son): Brandon had taught himself basic drumming, but needed guidance to progress into the very competent drummer that he has now become. It was your observations of Brandon’s needs, and practical guidance that enabled this. Brandon was given an unconditional offer of a place on a BTEC course Level 3 in Music Performance. He was the only student at the audition for the course to be offered an unconditional place on this course. Although Brandon has put in the practice, without a doubt he would not have achieved this without your guidance, so thank you!”
- Sheila

​"I’ve always wanted to play drums and started lessons with Michelle 2 months ago. I really enjoy our one to one lessons, and feel a lot more confident on the Drum kit. She is very patient and gives great advice on my technique and playing ability and ensures that we enjoy the lesson and I would definitely recommend her!"
- Lucy

“Having recently bought a drum kit I contacted Russell for some lessons. I feel I have progressed quickly through his tutelage over the past three months. It is great that I already feel confident reading music, improvising drum fills and even playing some quite complex grooves - all to real music tracks. His enthusiasm and experience of professional playing really adds a lot to the lessons that one could never get from a book or computer training program.”
- Richard

“I started Drumming lessons with Russell 6 months ago. His teaching has improved my playing ten fold! His patience and expertise behind the kit, along with his enthusiasm, is a constant inspiration for me to learn even more from him. A great teacher!"


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